Some news for this edition

Dear friends of archery,

The registrations for this new edition will be opened shortly


On the occasion of the organization of this new stage of the World Cup, we even better wish to welcome you with as novelty this year: 

  • A venue situated in the heart of the city
  • Prize money of an amount of $16 000 offered by our partner Hoyt(*)
  • Prize money of an amount of $2 400 offered by our partner Easton(*)
  • Prize money of an amount of $9 800 offered by the organization(*)
  • A catering service proposing hot and cold varied dishes 
  • Traditional art exhibitors: jewels, clothes, objects of decoration, pastry, hénée...

Certain that you will appreciate the good weather which reigns in the imperial city of Marrakesh in November, its multicultural traditions and the hospitality of its citizen, I am looking forward meeting you there.

President of Association Club Arc de Marrakech de Tir à l'Arc – Event Organizer

(*) The distribution and the rules of attribution are described in the sections « rules » and « register »